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Tunde A. Obazee was born in Benin City, Nigeria, studied abroad in Europe and the United States as a Mechanical Engineer and a Computer Information System professional. Mr. Obazee was presented “The Human Rights Award” by a coalition of over 1600 International, Civic, Educational and Religious Organizations.

A recognized Community Organizer, Tunde Obazee is an advocate of social justice, fairness in labor practices and human rights. Mr. Obazee is responsible for the revision of over 31 municipal ordinances that favored the common worker.
The voice of Tunde Obazee has echoed in the radio airwaves throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and around the world for over 25 years.

Mr. Obazee is responsible for such radio productions as African Hour, Empowerment Radio, Point Blank and Strictly Reggae. His programs have aired on: KNON 89.3 – Dallas, TX, KMNY 1360 AM – Dallas, TX, KABF 88.3 FM – Little Rock, AR, KCDV 100.9 – Cordova, AK, in addition to PRX and Pacific Audio port.



Kelli Seals-Obazee is the Executive Director of the Dallas Peace Center.  She has worked with the Dallas Peace Center on various community awareness and direct actions in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area since 2001.  In 2009 Kelli served as a Board Member of the Dallas Peace Center and Chair of the Communication and Visibility Team.                

In addition, Kelli has had the privilege of serving as a Board Member for the League of Women Voters, Making Connections Inc., creating and serving as Chair of the Economic Empowerment Committee at the Potters House, and works side-by-side with her husband, Tunde Obazee, with their own non-profit organization, Innovative Social Solutions Inc., ISSI. 

One of the objectives of Innovative Social Solutions Inc. is to empower today’s youth through creative, hands-on educational programming.  A popular program of ISSI is Teen Hype Talk Show - a conscientious discussion of critical topics by our future leaders.  Concerned about the post 911 growing hostilities toward the Muslim community Kelli reached out to partner with well-known activist, Hadi Jawad, and served as the Executive Producer of American Muslim Voices.                                                              

Kelli Obazee believes that her first and most important ministry is in her home.  Kelli is a proud mother of six children and four amazing grandchildren.  Kelli has enjoyed a very successful 12 year career as a III Level WAN Engineer, but make no mistake about it Kelli's passion is people, and is grateful and humbled to surrender to the call of full-time service for the betterment of humanity, peace.







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